Debra Soon



Debra is currently the Group Head of Marketing & Communications at Aviva Singlife. She leads an integrated marketing team to establish Aviva Singlife’s brand in Singapore and the region. Aviva Singlife is one of the largest home-grown financial services company in Singapore, in her role, she will also establish a Sustainability Communications role which looks to partner like-minded organisations in Singapore and the region for CSR programmes and Community Engagement.


Debra has 30 years of experience in the corporate world with expertise in managing organisational change, media, marketing and communications. Before Aviva Singlife, she was at Tan Chong International, where she headed a diverse portfolio of 9 functions which included HR, IT, Corporate Communications and Customer Experience amongst others and led efforts to improve mindshare for the Subaru, Nissan and Tan Chong brand in the region. Prior to that, she was a familiar face on TV news, moving from editorial and production to the business of news, as Managing Director of Channel NewsAsia where she grew the channel to an international award winning channel, distributed in 26 markets in Asia. Other leadership stints in Mediacorp include being the Chief Customer Officer, where she was responsible for growing audiences and profitability of all of Mediacorp’s customer segments across all product lines and Chief Marketing Officer to manage Corporate and Consumer Marketing, Brand and Communications, Events and Partnerships, Digital and Creative Services under one roof.


She is a passionate cook, who abhors food waste, loves gardens and parks and believes sustainability starts with the individual.